Binding offf at the END of a row-looks funny!

Help!- I am making my 1st cardigan sweater & am confused by the armhole shaping instructins- I did the left side 1st & you’re suppposed to bind offthe 1st 4 stitches (easy enough)& then reverse all directions for the right side- this to me means that you bind off the LAST 4 stiches- this doesn’t look right- I have one stitch left on my needle & don’t know what to do! Something is definately wrong! What do I do?

[color=darkred]If you have conventional directions, to reverse shaping means you will have knit one more row on the second side armhole.
You bind off begining at the side seam edge.

If there is neck shaping, the same holds true.
I hope I explained that so it makes sense.
:XX: [/color]

You may have mis-understood the directions, easy enough to do when you consider some patterns abbreviate almost to the point of nonsense.
Here’s what it meant… begin the other direction by binding off 4 stitches, then continue.
Since you’re only off by four to complete the row and begin the next, just “un-knit” those four, and finish the row. Then turn and bind off four, and continue.
I hope this helps.

You can’t bind off at the end of the row. Finish that row and then bind off the first 4.

Thanks, all- it makes sense now(stupid instuctions- ! :lol: