Binding Off

I have been knitting for about a year, but have not tackled too many projects. Recently decided to push the envelope with a more challenging pattern, Stephen West’s Akimbo. I am almost finished. Directions for bind off is “bind off all stitches”. I am clueless which bind off to use. Seems overwhelming but maybe not. Thanks for any help
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I would do the knit one slide over

Since the pattern directions do not instruct to bind off in pattern, I would do the Basic Knit Bind Off.

This bind off is easy to work too tightly; to bind off loosely, use a needle a size or two larger in the right hand only.

Are you doing the blanket or the scarf? They are both very beautiful.

Thanks so much for the help and quick reply.
Oh, I’m knitting the shawl.

Typically I would bind off in pattern. If what you do looks good and you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters.

Thx for the suggestion!