Binding off

When a pattern ends with k’s and p’s do you bind off in the pattern or can you just bind off with all knit stitches?

My last row is K6, P6, K6, P6, K2. Having said that the 1st stitch is a Knit and the last stitch is slipped wyif.

It’s better to BO in pattern no matter the pattern stitch. If you use all knits, that will flatten out the edge and it flares out. A BO is really the same as working another row of the pattern except you lift the sts over others instead of leaving them on the needle. You can slip the last st, then lift the previous st over it to make a neater corner.

Will I be binding off starting with the way the pattern reads or the reverse. What I mean is, is the 1st bind off starting with K6, P6, K6, P6, K2 or the reverse of that.

It depends on what pattern you’ve been doing. If it’s a rib or cable, then work the sts as they appear when you BO. So if the first 2 sts look like knits, then knit them; when the st looks like a purl, purl it.