Binding off?


In doing the basic bind off I am wondering what you are supposed to do at the end of the row. When I bind off I stick the cut thread through the last stitch which I thought you are supposed to do but am still left with an extra loop. Please help if you can.


Hm. Well, you [B]are[/B] supposed to cut the yarn and push it through the last stitch, like you said. You shouldn’t have another loop after that…and I really can’t figure out how you managed to do it. Are you sure that the ‘extra’ loop isn’t the last loop? (I realize you probably thought of that, I’m just checking). I wish I could help more!

I am quite sure I am using that last loop… that’s what’s leaving me stumped. I will try it again, paying closer attention to where this extra loop might be coming from. It doesn’t even look like the regular loop, it’s LARGER (???). I need a knitting teacher. :wink:

Thanks for the response!~

Knitting teacher, I’m not. I only wish I was that good. How about this…is it possible that you dropped a stitch or something and it’s sticking out? Binding Off is easy in theory, but I personally dread it.

When you get to the end of the row, there should only be 1 stitch left on your needle. Cut your yarn and pull it through that stitch and tighten. Are you sure that you only have that 1 stitch left on your needle?

Is it possible that your last bound off stitch really is bound off, but looks bigger than the others and kind of sloppy?

If so, here’s how to neaten it up:

When you have one last stitch is on the left needle (with one on the right needle), slip the one on the left needle back to the right needle.

Use your left needle to pick up the stitch [I]below[/I] the last stitch on the row below. Bring it up onto your left needle. Then slip the stitch that you put on the right needle back to the left needle. Knit it together with the stitch you picked up from the row below when you bind off the last stitch.

Hope that helps!