Binding off

I am relatively new to knitting. Someone gave me a pattern for a really pretty scarf. CO odd number - p1,yo,p2tog,yo,p2tog,yo etc. Repeat for each row. Only problem - I forgot to ask if you bind off in pattern - or if I should just bind off purlwise - any suggestions?

I would bind off purlwise. You cant really YO during a BO. (Can you? :?? ) You want your BO edge to match your CO edge as much as possible.

since it is all done in purl…my gut would be to bo in purl…:slight_smile:

HeatherFeather - I understand I need to bo with purl - but - according to pattern? or one purl at a time? thanks

No YOs, one purl at a time… otherwise it wont match your cast-on edge.