Binding off

I am a self taught knitter so it is nice to have a place to ask questions. I don’t like scarves so I make “tubes” or “neck muffs” on circular needles, but when I bind off the stitches do not stretch the way the cast on does. I have tried using larger needle to bind off, it’s better, but it still doesn’t give me the stretch I’m looking for. any suggetions?? thank you, cb:hug:

The best I know [knitting for 50 years] to tell you is… use really bigger needles.

Look at it this way: the larger bind-off stitches prove that your project is hand-made.


You can do a YO CO. The number of YOs you do depends on how stretchy you want it. Do a few BOs, then work a YO (slip the st on your right ndl over that). Work some more reg BOs and then the YO BO. Repeat as needed. If not enough, undo and add more.


Also Google for ‘stretchy bindoffs’, there is an EZ one that is quite popular. Also the suspended castoff, or use not just one or two sizes bigger needles, but FREAKEN HUGE ones.

I have this same problem…when do you switch to the bigger needles?

Just use the larger needles on the row you’re going to do the bind off instead of the ones you’ve been using.