Binding off

I’m unsure what it means when it says bind off kwise. Is this just binding off knitting?

Yes, that’s all. Just bind it off on the knit side using knit stitches.

I’m new at this and am binding off. For some weird reason I’m left with one stitch on the right needle after all the other stitches have been bound off. Where did I go wrong and what do I do now that I am at the end of a long scarf, my second project? This didn’t happen with my first scarf, so I messed up somewhere. Please help!

[color=indigo]It sounds to me like you did nothing wrong. Your supposed to have that last stitch on the needle. All you have to do now is take the needle out of the last stitch and cut the yarn but leave a tail. Next pull tail thru the loop and pull snug. Then just weave the tail in. I would suggest that you watch the Demo of a small project vid if you haven’t already done so. It will show you what I just described.


Sometimes I make things too hard! That worked. The video was great. I love this Website. Thanks!

Aw … don’t worry. We all do that sometimes :mrgreen: Big hugs!!!

[color=indigo]I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to you. There’s been a lot of thunderstorms and I was without power off and on all day yesterday. You are very welcome ld. Like ekgheiy said don’t worry about it. I’ve only been knitting since May of this year and I made a lot of things harder than they needed to be. Isn’t this place great? I just [size=6]:heart: LOVE :heart: [/size]Amy. Take care![/color] :smiley: