Binding Off

I do not understand my pattern. It is telling me to bind
off all stitches purlwise, even though I am on the right side of my project which is all knit stitches. Any assistance would be helpful.

Is it in stockinette or garter stitch? If stockinette, maybe you BO on the purl row; if garter, maybe it’s for a design reason.

My pattern states it this way: (RS) bind off all sts purlwise. Maybe it is to achieve a special look. It is a little dress, size 3/4, that has a bell ruffle and is shaped like an “A” line dress, kind of like a tunic. It started out on circular needles/stockinette stitch from the bottom up. You then decrease stitches and eventually go to straight needles to shape the armholes. At the top, the last row just ends and you can attach I cords for ties or ribbons. It is the last row that has me confused.

Then just do what the pattern says to. I do this sometimes, it puts a purl ridge on the RS and keeps it from curling as much. It looks fine.

Bless you and thank you for your reply. It makes sense to me now. I was just hesitant, not wanting to make a mistake. I am kind of a perfectionist (and a fairly new knitter) and want to get it right.
Thanks so much.