Binding off

Amy. I know your busy with all you have to do regarding the patterns. When you get a change is it possible to show on a Video how to bind off when you get to the end? Thanks, Anne

i scanned this from my booklet thing hope it helps

Thanks Nicoley, How sweet of you to post the instructions for me.

If i see correctly it looks like you place the cut off yarn through the last loop. Is this correct?

I need to write down or make copies of “How to do things” to keep beside me when i knit.

i hope it helps… i havent tried it yet… i scanned it from a booklet… i hope it works for you!.. :smiley:

Hi Anne,

I have a whole section on Binding Off, here. Try the top method, “Basic Knit BO.” Yes, when you’re done, you cut the thread, and put it through the last stitch, and pull. It’s good to weave that end in, following the path of a nearby stitch, for a few stitches.

Amy :slight_smile: