Binding off

On the fingerless mitt I made last night, the pattern ended in a 1 x 1 rib. HOW SHOULD I HAVE BINDED OFF? After I bound off in my usual without thinking manner…all knit…I picked up a book from the library that said ribs should be bound off, knit as knit and purl stitches as purl?

It seems like no matter how many years experience one has knitting, there are always basic questions!!!

picture is posted on previous posting.

so true. It does look much nicer to bind off in pattern, but not all patterns say to do that, they just assume or don’t think about it either.

There are tons of ways to bind off. A great match for 1x1 rib is tubular b/o (what Amy calls knit-one purl-one bind off on this page). A basic knit/purl b/o in pattern looks good too. It’s really a personal preference thing.

I like to BO in k1,p1 because it makes the bound off stitches sit right at the edge instead of lying to the front or back.


oops, I just made a whole other thread asking the same question about the bottom of a sweater! So would you bind off in rib for a sweater? What about kitchener rib? I know you use that for socks or gloves. Is is generally used for larger pieces like sweaters?

Sure, you can use Kitchener rib BO for sweaters. Or you can BO in the ribbing pattern. Whichever you want.