Binding off without restriction

Hello all!

I need help!

I’m working on a short skirt that is tight fitting around my thighs but stretchy (how I want it). However when I bound off the first time, the way I bound off I wasn’t able to move my legs apart more than a few inches and I couldn’t move around like I wanted to.

Is there any way to bind off so it’s not so restrictive without my having to add more stitches?

It’s a great skirt and I want to be able to wear it out dancing, etc.
I welcome any suggestions! Please help!


hmmmm…interesting question.
What binding off method did you use??

You can bind off with a needle a couple sizes larger, and there are stretchy bind offs where you would k, put it back on the left needle and k2tog tbl, put that st on the left needle, k2tog tbl, etc… all the way across. You can also do this on a purl row.
Here’s a stretchy bind off.