Binding off with a 2nd ball of yarn

I am working on the front of a sweater and now need to shape the neck. The instructions state “on a right side row, work across 38 sts and with 2nd ball of yarn, bind off 23 sts. Work remaining 38 sts.” I am not sure how to use the 2nd ball of yarn, do I use it to bind off the 23 sts. Do I use a third needle with the 2nd ball of yarn. Your help is appreciated. JW.

You would just start knitting with it, leaving a tail to weave in later. To BO, you begin by knitting 2 sts, use the new yarn for those.

If the new ball/skein feels a bit unwieldy, tie it loosely to the last of the 38 sts worked, then do the BOs. (This also helps keep the first st worked with the new ball from looping large.) Untie it when ready to weave.


Or rather than tie it (very lumpy) weave the end through a few adjoining sts just to secure it, then redo later.

Suzeeq, so I would use the 2nd ball of yarn for the BO stitches? Do I need a third needle for this? Sorry, I am a novice knitter and don’t want to mess up what I have done so far. Thanks for your reply. JW

You should be able to use the same needle that the first 38 stitches are on. You will have a gap from the bound off neck stitches. This way you can work both shoulders at the same time using the 2 balls of yarn.

No, you keep on with the same 2 needles. Leave the sts from the first shoulder on the right needle, pick up the new yarn end and BO then knit across for the other shoulder. Next row, work across the WS, when you come to the bound off sts drop that yarn, and pick up the other yarn on the other side of them. You’ll have something that looks like this…


You’re binding off for the neck and working on both shoulders at the same time instead of separately though they’re divided by the neck. Just try it, it works.