Binding off when knitting in the round-mine looks funky!

I’m making baby booties, and each time I bind off the last (knit) row, it looks wonky wear the first stitch meets the last. Is there a trick to making it look good?

I usually put that end through a tapestry needle and connect the last stitch to the first.

So, do you mean you just bind off the last stitch like normal, then do what you said to do?

I pull the yarn through the last stitch so it won’t unravel and then put the tapestry needle under the bound off edge of the first stitch and kind of weave in the ends. I don’t know that I use any particular ‘technique’, but it does get rid of that little gap.

Okie dokie, Ingrid. I see what you mean now. :figureditout:

Once again, you have made my life simpler. :mrgreen: