Binding off Toe Up

Okay, the computer ate my bookmarks :tap:so now I have lost the video that I once found at this site for binding off a toe up sock. Can anyone help me? I have been looking & looking for it all morning. Frustrating! :gah: Can someone help me find this video again so this pair won’t end up like the last pair with a too tight top?


Not sure which method you want, but here’s a few I found.

isn’t it the kichener stitch. That’s what i’ve seen on tv. It’s seemless. Youtube has great videos for anything knitted.

I don’t have a video link or anything but I think I would try a sewn bind off. It looks attractive and I think it stretches enough. You use a nice long tail and thread it through a tapestry needle and go purl wise through the first 2 stitches on the left hand needle and then back knit wise through the first stitch and then let that one off. Keep repeating those two steps. On the last one you go purl wise into the last stitch and the first loop at the beginning of the cast off and then back through the stitch again and take it off.

You can get different degrees of tightness with this. Just don’t pull on things real hard as you go and it should stay loose and stretchy.

She’s talking about the top of the sock. Kitchener closes a seam and she doesn’t need that. :wink:
This is my favourite cast off for my toe-up socks. You might want to try it out - is easy.