Binding off to 47 stitches on left needle?

I am binding off a tank top here are the directions:

continue binding off until you have 47 stitches on the left side of your circular needle. k all of those stitches.

Does this mean I should have only 47 stitches total? I’m knitting in the round so I’m confused. Thanks for your help

More info is needed.

What are the instr prior to this step? How many sts are on the circ before the BO sts?

Even though you are working in the round you will still have a left and right hand needle in your hands. If it says have 47 stitches left on the needle, then this is 47 stitches left between were you where casting off and the end of the round. Because these stitches are still unworked they are counted as being on the left needle and then can e knitted as instructed. This is essentially turning your work into a flat piece rather than a round piece and is common at the necks of sweaters and things.

I appreciate the help thank you thank you!! I hadn’t counted before I started binding off and didn’t know where the round began so I’m trying to basically guess… Do you think I should undo everything in cluding the binding off and go back to the beginning of this step or would you estimate. This has been a huge help thanks for taking the time to help me out.

There should be a yarn tail from the cast on that would be the beginning of the round, follow the sts up from there to where you are and that should help you figure out where to start.

Along with what sue said, if the BOs you did were perhaps for the neckline, most likely the remaining sts would be for the two shoulders (each having the same no of sts). If you have 47 sts still intended to be on the left ndl does the patt suggest the same number would be on the right? Thus, the beginning of the round would be where the final 47 meet the first 47 (the middle of 94…if that’s what you have).