Binding off that stretches?

I made a hat and have added a rim of fun fur on the bottom, but when I bind off, there is no stretch and I can’t put the hat on. Is there some way to bind off that is stretchy?

I love EZ’s Sewn Bind Off. There are several tutorials on line for it. I use it for my socks when I knit toe up.

I like the bind off Lizzy mentioned - used to be my favorite stretchy bindoff.

Here’s another, my new favorite:
you can do a You tube search, too - there’s a vidio of this one, too.

Thanks to both of you for exactly what I need – and so quickly!

Mummy’s Christmas hat may be saved afterall!


Cat Bordhi has a you tube video of an amazing stretchy bindoff, that will blow your mind. She is such an awesome teacher!!!

This is my new favorite stretchy bind off! It really is amazing!