Binding off some stitches

I’m making a sweater for the first time and the instructions say to bind off the first 11 stitches for two rows, etc, then work the rest of the stitches,but when I do, the yarn is at the beginning of the row and not where I need to start knitting again. Do I cut the yarn? Help!!

When you bind off the 11 on both ends you just knit the stitches in the middle. You shouldn’t have to cut the yarn at that point unless it directs you to.

If you have a link to the pattern always post it if you can. It helps us to help you. :wink:

I don’t think you need to cut the yarn.

Do you have picture of the finished sweater to look at? Is there an illustration with the pattern with inches marked out on it? Looking at it might help with figuring out what these decreases are up to.

PLEASE, awesome knitterly royalty, correct me if I’m wrong, but binding off usually happens for the armholes when working the sweater from the bottom, up.

So you bind off 11 stitches, then work the rest of the row. You are probably working back and forth, not in the round, so when you turn your work, you bind off 11 stitches again, then continue with the rest of the row. And that should be the armhole decrease (first of a few? what do the next few lines of pattern say?)

Is your pattern free and online? Could you link to it?

Maybe some of us (who have actually made sweaters) could help you some more… could you list where the pattern’s from if not free? We might have it in our knitting library.

Your ball!


I don’t have a link as the pattern is in a book. It’s a pretty basic sweater…2" of ribbing at the bottom then stockinette stitch for the rest until you get to the neck.

When I bound off, the working strand is at the end of the row, not where it can easily be picked up and continued with the knitting. Or did I bind off incorrectly??
It would have been much easier to bind off the last 11 stitches rather than the first.

No, when you bind off at the end of a row, your yarn is left hanging on the last st. Bind off the first 11 sts and the last st of the BO is on your right needle to become the first stitch of the row. Knit to the end, turn and Bind off 11 sts and purl to the end of the row.

Obtuse one here again…the yarn is hanging on the first stitch so I have the same problem as I would have if I bound off the last 11.

No it won’t be. When you bind off at the beginning of the row, the yarn travels across to the stitches you’ll be knitting to finish the row. Try this… with some scrap yarn, cast on about 20 sts and knit a few rows. Then bind off the first 5 sts and knit across the rest of the row. It’s not like when you BO for the end of a garment all the way across the row, you only do it part of the way.

I think you may be binding off at the end the second time rather than at the beginning of each row. Try doing what Sue suggested for practice.

Thank you for all your help. I am an idiot. I really binded off wrong so when I did it correctly, I didn’t have a problem!! Guess I should have put the puppy away as I was really getting tired!!