Binding off some stitches mid-row to make neck hole -- how?

I am a complete beginner and have just started making the LTK Easy Peasy Cardigan. It is a simple cardigan, knit in a single piece and then sewn up the sides and bottom of the sleeves. After finishing the back and casting on extra stitches to do the sleeves, it calls for me to knit halfway across a row, bind off 8 stitches (for the neck) and then continue knitting the rest of the row. I have two questions. 1) Can anyone give me tips or guidance on how this works. I think I can imagine it, but if anyone can guide me that would be great. For example, once I bind off the 8 stitches, I just pick up and start knitting to rest of the row? Is that right?; and 2) What kind of bind-off would work best for this? I’ve only ever used the basic knit bind-off. Is that fine? Would something else be better?

Thanks so much . . .

You’ve got it figured right… BO the same as you do at the end of a piece, then continue knitting the stitches on your left needle.