Binding off scarf

I’ve just (almost) finished a scarf, but I’m stuck! When you’re binding off, what do you do when you only have one stitch left on your needle? Do you just knit that over to the other side or what? I don’t understand how to finish it, and I’m afraid I’ll mess it up if i do something wrong. Please help. :frog:

I’m not sure how other people finish off their bind offs, but when I reach the last stitch I tend to pull the yarn through the last bind off and snip the yarn then weave the ends into the scarf.

I do the same, when you get to the last stitch pull the loop off of the needle and cut the piece of working yarn and pull the piece through the last loop and tighten. Here is a link to a visual that might help better

Thank you so much for your help.

Yep, just weave the yarn through that last loop. Lately I’'ve become a fan of the sewn bind off which eliminates that issue altogether.

If your last BO tends to get loopy, work the last BO picking up the left leg of the st below it along with the last st and that’ll firm up the last BO when you pull the tail thru. In some instances I’ve also K the last 2 sts tog, so you’re lifting one st over 2, to elim the loop in the last st.