Binding off scarf knitted sideways

I’m having problems with binding off on a scarf pattern that knits lengthwise. The binding off edge comes out harder than the cast on edge. I’ve tried using larger needles on both sides as well as being as loose as possible but the BO side ends up too firm or larger than the CO side. I saw the BO video using a single crochet. Would that solve the problem? I love the pattern of the sideways scarf- a twisted drop stitch but the hard edge doesn’t work on a scarf that’s only 4 inches wide or so.
Any suggestions are welcome!

You say you’re using larger needle to BO at both sides… why not all the way across? I don’t quite understand about the BO edge `harder’ than the CO…

If you k 2 tog across, you will get a MUCH softer edge (looser)…this BO however is a yarn hog…so make sure that you have enuff yarn!!

Specific’s for this BO

K 2
Insert left needle in front of two stitches on right needle at the same time
K these two sts together

K 1 rep. betwn * until you are all done.

Ingrid does a provisional cast on for everything? she does…or at least a LOT…that way the edges both match!!!

Is there a video for provisional?

Thanks Heather!
I’ll try the K2-K1 pattern. I’ve improved by going looser without tension so I hope this will work even better!

Yep, BOs should be a bit looser than knitting a regular row.