Binding off Repair

I am working on the neck part of a sweater and the pattern called for:

K 23 sts, turn and BO 6 sts, P to end. Well after I knitted the 23 stitches I binded off 6 sts without turning. I don’t really know what they mean by that. How to I back up the 6 sts I binded so that I can go back to just after the 23 stitches knitted.

Then, how am I supposed to turn it so that I can bind off again?

I appreciate any help.


If you still have the needle in the last stitch you bound off take it out and pull slowly on the tail so that the stitch comes out. When you see a stitch loop put your needle in it from left to right. The proper way to have the stitch sitting on the needle is with the leg in the front a little ahead of the leg of the stitch loop behind the needle.

When you are back to where you have the 23 stitches knitted as you are supposed to, just set it up so that the needle with the 23 stitches you just made is in your left hand and the other needle in your right hand that you will knit with. Purl 2 stitches and lift to bind off, p1, lift to bind off, continue like that until you have bound off the 6. In other words bind off in purl stitches, since it is a purl row.

thank you! I will give it a try.