Binding Off Question

OK, I realize this is a seemingly dumb question but I always have had trouble with this.

If I have a pattern that says, K10, then bind off 10 sts, then K the rest of the round, does that mean:

  1. Knit 10 stitches. On the 11th stitch, just pass it over the 10th stitch that you already knit, and bind off 10 sts total, then keep going.

  2. Knit 10 stitches. On the 11th stitch, knit it, then pass the 12th over the 11th and bind off 10 sts total, then keep going.

I know this should be simple but somehow I screw it up and I’m knitting something where I’m not able to count easily to figure out which is right.

You have to k2 to BO 1 stitch, so after you k10, you have to k2 more and pass the first one of those over. Then you count how many sts you pass over, not how many you knit to get 10 bound off. The loop from the last st is the first stitch of the remaining stitches.

That’s easy to mess up. I always count the stitches I am supposed to leave after binding off a few to make sure I’ve done it right before I get too far. :wink:

AHA! So you really are knitting that 11th stitch and the 12th is the first one to get passed over. I think I have been doing this wrong but usually it’s not a huge deal if you are off by 1 stitch. I am now using a Fair Isle chart though and I could not for the life of me get that darn pattern to line up.

I’m going to rip back and try again!!! :thumbsup:

Thanks ladies! :slight_smile: