Binding off question

I just finished my first leg warmer. The last few inches were ribbing, with the stretch of the ribbing it would be a perfect snug fit. When I bond off the row of binding off stiches has no stretch and now that it won’t stretch it’s too tight to wear.

How do you get stretch when binding off? I used a regular knit stitch to bind off.

Thanks for your input. Looking forward to leg warmers now that fall is approaching!


Sometimes you can just pull the yarn and bind off very loose.

It could help to bind off with a larger needle - try going up 2-3 sizes.

There is a sewn bind off that is easy to do loosely. Here are directions:

I have a hard time keeping my bind-off loose enough as well. Even if I use a larger needle. So, I’ve learned that when I bind off, I have to just let the yarn hang WITH NO TENSION AT ALL. That way, my bind off row is loose and looks great.

I go up a few needle sizes (from 5 to 8, usually) and just hold the yarn loosely, like the other ladies have said! I tried the sewn bind off, but this just works better for me. It doesn’t look loose, but it’s nice and stretchy!

Try this:

k1; * return stitch to left needle; k2tog tbl; repeat from *

In addition to going up several needle sizes, the most important thing is to bind off “in pattern” if you were doing ribbing before binding off you need to bind off in ribbing (and ribbing is stretchy!).

I like to think of binding off as this: it’s just literally the action of pulling the one loop over the other. That’s it. It is NOT necessarily (unless you are doing stockinette), knitting 2 and then pulling one over the other.

So to bind off in pattern you continue to do the type of stitch that you were doing, so for example if you you were doing a 1x1 rib you would knit 1, PURL 1 then pull the loop of the other, knit 1 pull over, purl 1 pull over etc.

If you just knitted all the way across as you bound off then you will have lost the stretchiness of the ribbing.

I like to think of binding off as this: it’s just literally the action of pulling the one loop over the other.

Yes, exactly. The bind off row is just the same as another row in your pattern stitch except you pass one stitch over another so the sts don’t remain on the right needles.

That sounds like a great bind off! I’m gonna try it next time!

You’re a SMART one, ittybittypretty! :notworthy:
I didn’t even NOTICE that jhendricksen mentioned binding off the ribbing with all knit stitches. You have a great eye for detail.