Binding off onto circular needles

I just finished a project on two circular needles and I must have done the bind off wrong.
I was doing a 1x1 rib and did the normal bind off for ribbing. When I finished it looked really wonky and stretched out.
Can anyone give advice if there is a special way to bind off for this method?

What did you not like about the look of the bind off?
It should be no different from binding off with one circular needle or with straight needles. Here’s a neater bind off with less flare than the usual bind off

There’s also the tubular bind off if you want the least distracting and smoothest bind off. I’m very enthusiastic about the look of this bind off:

(There are other videos and tutorials if this one isn’t clear enough, just Google tubular bind off.)

Sometimes when you block or wash the piece a lot of things will even out. I’d rather have a slightly loose cast-off than one that is too tight.