Binding off only part of the stitches - how?

Im knitting this - for my son and it asks to bind off 7 stitches leaving 2 remaining. Since I cant pull the thread through the 7th one to tie it off how do I do this? I only know how to bind something off completly

Thanks :slight_smile:

well i can’t find that exact instruction (mostly cuz i am lazy i am sure) in your pattern but basically bind them off until you are down to the last two stitches and then follow the next directions. you don’t have to pull through a loop because you are probably going to continue knitting.

Thanks for the reply. I must be having a brain freeze. I walked away thinking huh then realised what I was doing. I was thinking the last 2 remaining were not to be knitted at all. So I was only knitting/binding the other 7. Duh lol. I have no figured it out and am doing really well :slight_smile:

I did the same with purling. For ages I thought I would never get it when one day I thought about what I was doing and realised I wasnt putting the thread in front before going through the left loop. Doh lol