Binding Off of Scarf

I am a beginner and have learned to cast-on, knit and now I’m trying to bind off my scarf. I’m to the part where it says to leave the last stitch on after I’ve finished binding off, leave a little yarn length before cutting and put the yarn through last stitch. That sounded good, but…I have the last stitch on the needle AND there’s a big loop next to it that I don’t think is going to tighten up when I pull the yarn through the stitch. The yarn is 92 per cent acrylic. I know this is a shot in the dark for you, but I so would like to finish this and wear it proudly Sunday since it’s my first.

Thanks for any help you might can give me.


Unravel the cast off edge for a few stitches. Slide those stitches back onto the left needle. Re-knit the cast off. Even if you cut the yarn already, you should have enough tail to finish.

The last st of the previous row can leave a big loop. You can take out the last couple of sts, and BO again, but knit the last 2 together instead of separately and that should help.