Binding off - lifting last stitch from row below?

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone knows a good video that shows how to tighten the last stitch when binding off. One book I’ve read says to knit the stitch below with the last stitch before binding it off. I’m a pretty visual learner, so a video would help I think. Thanks for any help you can give me!

I couldn’t find a video but here is a site that shows you the technique and also one that clearly shows the knit into the stitch below that you do for the last bind off stitch.

You can BO until you have 2 sts left on the L needle, then knit them together instead of separately. I BO all of them, then reach down into the center of the last st to pick up an extra st and bind it off too. Is that what you’re talking about?

Thank you for this helpful information. I’ve looked at the websites and have been able to figure out how to do this technique at the end of the bind off row. As always, I appreciate help from more knowledgeable others!