Binding off k3p3 scarf

It seems that the general consensus for binding off ribbing is to bind off in pattern, so in my case k3p3. I’ve tried that method using larger needles as many have advised, but my bind off end still looks quite different from my cast on end. Advice?

Your cast on and bind off are always going to lok a little different. If they have to match exactly, the best way to do it is to cast on provisinally, knit your item, BO, and then undo the provisional CO and bind off those stitches. Another way, for a scarf, is to cast on, knit half the length, then put that on hold while you knit the rest, and then graft the stitches. I hate grafting though, but I have done this with lace patterned scarves when I don’t want the pattern to look “upside down” when it’s hanging off the neck.

I don’t know if this helps you any, though. Since it’s a scarf, you couldjust add some fringe, but I really don’t think anyone will notice if they aren’t exact (no one’s noticed on any of mine anyway) AND someone who is rude enough to inspect your knitting and point it out to you should go take a hike! :thumbsup:

Thanks! I had thought about grafting, but I’ve run out of yarn.