Binding off in the round

Hi everyone!

I recently knit a pair of Dashing Fingerless Gloves (I still have to take pictures). They turned out great except I’m not 100% happy with the bind off. They’re knit in the round so I bound off like normal then when I got to the last stitch I knit into the middle of the first stitch along with the last stitch, slipped the stitch before over, and pulled the yarn through the loop. I was still left with a small gap though. I was able to close it up while weaving the ends in but is there a tip or tip that I don’t know of to remedy this problem?

Thanks for your help!

When you knit in the round, you’re actually making a spiral, not a perfect circle, so the end of the round is a stitch higher than the beginning. What I do is similar to what you did - pick up a stitch in the middle of the first st and bind it off with the last loop. That brings the end down and fills in the gap. Sometimes I pick up an extra stitch in the gap too, then in the first stitch, depends on how large it is.

Thanks Suzeeq! I actually found my original method from an old post you wrote telling someone else to do the same thing. Next time I’ll try picking up a stitch in the gap.

Thanks again!