Binding off in the round

Do I do anything differently if I am knittin in the round? This is my first attempt at it and I just want to make sure I know what I am doing before I try to bind off on this project.


Nothing different - bind off exactly as you would when knitting flat. The only difference is that when you get to the last stitch it will appear that there’s a large gap between the last bound off stitch and the first bound off stitch, but if you use your tail yarn after binding and join it with the first bound off stitch you will eliminate the gap.

On the last stitch, I knit into the first stitch again and bind off that extra stitch. It even out the BO really well.

I just put the first castoff stitch on the last needle as the new last stitch, and treat it normally when I cast off, however I am casting off. Of course for a sewn castoff e.g. tubular you might sometimes need to transfer 2 stitches instead. This eliminates the join better than embroidering a fake castoff stitch, I find.