Binding off in the round

is there a trick when you’re BOing off in the round to avoid that little like dip/drop-off thing between the first and the last stitch? usually i just try to weave the end in pretty to camoflauge it, but a friend thinks she saw a trick on Knitty Gritty but can’t remember.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s in one of the Lily Chin episodes. You take the tail and weave it into the first bound off stitch by going under the V. Then you bring the tail back down into the center of the last bound off stitch.

That’s what I always thought to do until it occurred to me to put the first cast-off stitch on the needle, beside the last stitch, rather than drop it. Then when I have nearly finished casting off I will come back to it and cast it off again! I have had good results with this also. The embroidered mock cast-on stitch still wasn’t quite the same at the join (but better than nothing).



I’m not sure I understand that. Binding off a stitch seems to include dropping it off the needle – so how do you instead leave it on the needle? Do you mean that you don’t involve the first stitch in binding off? (In other words: knit three, pass second stitch over the first and off the needle, leave the first stitch on the needle to be bound off at the end?)

Trying to wrap my head around it, because it sounds like a good technique.


I think she’s putting the first stitch she bound off back on the needle.

ETA: Uh, please ignore the above. I misread what she said. :blush:

I’m afraid I don’t get how you do that.

Here’s what happens when I bind off: I knit two. I take the first stitch and pass it over the second stitch and off the needle. If you put it back on the needle before you bind off the next stitch, aren’t you undoing the binding off you just did? Then I knit another stitch, and take that second stitch, which has the first stitch wrapped around its ankles, and pass it over the third one I knit. So now the first stitch is totally inaccessible. Or so it seems to me.

Maybe someone can give me a step by step on how this technique works because I’m just not understanding.

I think the idea is to work 3 stitches, pass the 2nd over the 3rd and go on, leaving the 1st stitch to be bound off when you come around to it again.

What I do is BO all stitches and when I get to the last one that you’d normally cut the yarn and pull the end through, I pick up a stitch in the row below the 1st bound off stitch and pass the last loop over it, then cut and pull the end through. It fastens the last BO down into the row below (which is actually the first bound off stitch) and makes it more even.


Read this

Sue: Your idea makes sense, and I had thought of that. I guess I was getting tangled up in the phrase “bound off.” Being too literal, I guess.

Jan: I see the idea of pulling up a stitch from below the bound off first stitch; that makes sense too. I’ll have to try both of these.