Binding off in ribbing

I have always done binding off in ribbing by knitting the stitches (k1, p1) but I just looked at Amy’s video where she uses a darning needle to bind off. Is that a better way?

There are many ways to bind off, but I think most people just use chain (plain old) b/o in pattern for most things. It really depends on what look you want to achieve, and whether you have special situations, e.g., you might want an extra stretchy b/o for socks to make sure they will clear your heel when you’re putting them on.

The video you’re referring to makes a nice looking b/o for single rib. If you like the way it looks, try it out on your next project. It can be tricky at first, but if you’re familiar with kitchener (grafting), it should be familiar to you, because it’s basically the same, except that everything is on one needle instead of two. (You can actually separate the knits and purls onto two parallel needles and do it exactly like kitchener if it’s easier for you.) Other names for the same b/o are kitchener (no surprise!), tubular (because it’s often used to b/o tubular knitting, aka double knitting), and invisible (because the stitches seem to wrap around the edge and go up the other side as if there weren’t bound off at all).