Binding off in pattern

I’m just finishing a zig zag pattern: k1, YO ,K4 ,S1, K2tog,Psso,K4,YO
ROW 2: Knit across
How do I bind off in pattern? I cant bind off on the straight knit row since my beginning row is not straight! This is a scarf so both ends need to match! Thank you everyone!

Sure you can BO on the knit row. A BO is just like doing another row in pattern it’s just you pull the sts over the next one so they don’t stay on the R needle. Try it for 8 or 10 sts and see how it compares to the beginning. Or you can try doing it on the pattern row, just pull the sts over on the R needle. The ends don’t have to absolutely match anyway, the only one who’ll know is you and it might not bother you as much as you think.

Well…I think it does matter about the ends because it is not really an “outside” scarf, but more of a decorative scarf that you might wear as a accent piece…I know how to bind off a knit row! But have no idea how to “bind off in pattern” when there are slipped stitches, pass overs, etc…what do I do with them when I come to that part of the pattern when I’m binding off?? Thank you, Suzeeq!!

As you realize from knitting the rows of the scarf, the zig-zag is created by the yo’s and k2togs which alternately increase and decrease sts. You actually can bind off on a row2 knit row. Finish row1 which has the yo’s and k2togs and on the next row bind off in knit. It won’t look precisely the same as the cast on but the difference will not be distracting and you will maintain the zig-zag as long as you bind off loosely. You could even bind off using a size larger needle in your right hand.

Hi, Thank you to all! But, is there anyway to make the two ends match is my question!! :slight_smile:

One way to do that is to do a provisional cast on at the beginning. When you’re finished, you undo the provisional cast on and bind it off the same way as the cast off edge. I realize that’s not very helpful now but perhaps for a future project.

When your next st is a YO, do that, then pass the other st over it. When you come to a k2tog do it to which results in 1 st on the R needle and pass the other one over it. I don’t think it’ll look exactly like the other end, even doing the BO on the pattern row. While the CO isn’t considered a row, it is putting loops on the needle before you begin the pattern, you don’t cast on in pattern. You might also try doing the plain row in purl instead of knit to BO. Maybe that will look more like the beginning. But really the only way to see how it looks is to try it, you can always undo the BO if you don’t like it and redo it another way.

Another way would be to knit the last few rows with a smaller needle, then do the bind off. The easiest and tightest would be to just slip each right hand stitch over the other along the row. It’s not usually the accepted way to do it, but that’s what knitting is all about. Daring to do something different. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. You can always rip it out and start over if you don’t like it.

Thank you to all that took the time to help me out!! :muah: