Binding off "in pattern" in the round

I am finishing a cowl on circular needles, where the instructions say to “bind off in pattern.” I am new to this situation, and I’d hate to just dive in to finishing what has been a long project, only to realize that I have done it wrong…please help!

The pattern is k1, p1.

Do I remove the marker, knit the first stitch, purl the second stitch, and pass the knit stitch over the purl stitch? If so, do I hold the yarn in front while passing the knit stitch over the purl twitch, then pass the yarn to the back for the next knit stitch?

Binding off is just like working another row of your knitting, except you lift the sts over so they don’t remain on the R needle. For ribbing k1, p1, then lift the st over, k1, lift over, p1, lift over and so on. It doesn’t matter where the yarn is, you have to move it on each stitch anyway, but that doesn’t interfere with the lifting over.

Your answers are so good suzeeq, I always look for your answers first! I was also unsure of how to do that. Thanks!

Oh suzeeq,thank you so much!