Binding off in Middle of Row Confusion

HELP! I have almost completed my first sweater. There are 80 stitches in each row. The instructions say:
Bind off 16 stitches in the middle to create the neck.
Then keep knitting back and forth on one side, binding off 1 stitch every time you get to the neck, for 4 rounds.
Then you should end up with 28 stitches on your needle - on one side of the neck. The other stitches, on the opposite side, have to be placed on a waiting needle in the meantime.
Knit until wanted length and bind off, and then do the same on the other side of the neck.
I am so confused by this, I can’t even visualize it. Where do I start the binding off? The half way point would be stitch #40. But that would leave me with an uneven number on the other side.

Take the total number of sts and subtract the number for the center bind off. 80-16=64
Divide the result, 64 by 2 to find out how many sts on each shoulder, 32sts.
Knit 32sts, then knit 2 more and begin the bind off by lifting the 2nd stitch on the right needle over the first (the stitch at the tip).
Congrats on getting close to finishing this first sweater. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.