Binding off in a box stitch pattern

I just finished my last two rows of P2 K2, and the pattern is telling me to “bind off in pattern”. If I were to continue without binding off, the next two rows I would K2 P2. My question is, when I bind off, do I bind off like am continuing the pattern with the alternate K2 P2? Or do I bind off as P2 K2? I hope this makes sense. All the advise for binding off in pattern only seems to refer to ribbed stitches, but I cannot find any advise on binding off in pattern of a box stitch. Thank you for your help.

When it says bind off in pattern, I bind off the sts as they present themselves (bind off knits as knits and purls as purls) not as I would continue a pattern stitch. So bind off as P2K2.