Binding off - how much yarn do I need?

Hi, this is my first post (besides the one in the intro forum)! I’m nearing the end of my first project - a triangular scarf. I was shown how to knit this scarf in a how-to workshop, and basically we are supposed knit increased rows, and bind off when we’re out of yarn. My question is, how much yarn should I have available to bind off, relative to the width of the scarf?? I don’t want to run out of yarn in the middle of my binding off!

Figure out how much yarn it takes for a row near the end and leave that amount plus a little more. You can measure off a couple yards and see if your row takes all of it or somewhat less, to give you a ballpark idea.

I think that maybe you can do the same thing that you do when you cast on: wrap the yarn loosely around the knitting needle once for every stitch you need to cast on (or in this case for every stitch you need to bind off). This will give you an approximate length. Be sure to bind of loosely or the pattern will be “gathered” at that bound edge. Hope this helps.

Oh good idea! You could use a needle a size or two larger just to make sure there’s enough, especially if you BO with a bigger one anyway.