Binding off Circular needles? I don't get how :(

I made the harry potter scarf from atypically site. Now for the binding off I was told to do this method

Now the problem I had was when I got 1/2 way down I couldn’t get the stitches off the needles anymore. I can see doing this with 2 straight double pointed needles. But with the circular needle I could get so far.
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Can some one explain what I did wrong? I am new at knitting so I know it had to be something on my end.

I finished the scarf off with a regular bind off. I have to add fringe so It will cover it up. I want to know for future projects.


I like following Knitty when I do it. The photos and instructions are very clear.
Kitchener Stitch

Bend the cord and split the stitches so you have half on either side. Then slide them down as you bind off.

you should be able to bind off just like you would on straight knitting. what was happening that you couldn’t get it off the needles?

That looks like three needle bind off…So the remaining stitches were “stretching” across the circular part.

Mookie, if you do like Jan said and pull a loop of circular out from between two of the stitches (halfway) and then the rest should slide forward so you can do the bind off.

Or, you can put the two equal sets of stitches onto straight needles if you find that easier.

I have no idea how to explain this…but I will try.

What was happening is towards the end I couldn’t get the stitches off.

I put a cheese arrow but that is the spot I would get stuck at. I put the two needles side by side and used a third one to bind off with. Had no problem but as I got further I couldn’t get them off anymore. I couldn’t seperate the stitches because I had them in a loop.

My gosh I hope that made sense. I should have taken pictures of my issue and posted instead of getting frustrated and binding the rest off normal.

What you need to do is what Jan originally suggested. At the halfway point of your stitches you will need to actually pinch the cord of the circular needle and pull it out between the two sets of stitches. If you can’t picture how this would be done, take a look at the video on this page called ‘magic loop knitting’ under small diameter circular knitting. For what you want to do, you won’t actually be using magic loop knitting so don’t let that confuse you - I’m just pointing you in that direction so that you can see how to pull the cable of the circular needle out between two stitches.

If you just have the stitches going in a loop around your circular needle like you show in your photo, as you bind stitches off the number of stitches left on the needle gets smaller and things get tighter and tighter around your needle and I can see how it would get more and more difficult. The above solution will fix it for you.

I understand now. Damn, I should have posted this before I did the bind off.
Oh well…it is all learning :wink:

Thanks for the feedback and links everyone. Now I know what to do for the next scarf :slight_smile: