Binding off Circular Needle?

I have a question about how to begin the bind of for circular knitting. I am just about to cast off my first sweater (very exciting) and it says just to bind off (it’s at the bottom of the sweater). How would I do this? Do I just take the first two stitches after the marker that place the beginning of the round and cast off as though I were on straight needles? What should I do with the last stitch? I’m having a problem visualizing how it will be circular…

Would the technique used be the same for using double pointed needles? I just realized when I’ve been using DPN for socks and hats I’ve been decreasing them and have never bound off in a straight manner!

Thanks in advance. Everyone here is so helpful.


Yes, you’ll just bind off as normal. When you get to the end, pull your yarn through the final loop the way you would on straights, and you can use a tapestry needle to connect the first and last stitches if you like,

Thanks Ingrid you’re always so helpful to everyone!

Yes she is!

I used to try to mimic the cast-off edge with embroidering the tail, but I find I get a perfect join/jog if I cast off my first stitch but rather than pass it over and drop it, I pass it over and put it onto the end of the knitting in front of the last stitch - it has now become the last stitch. When you come around to finish casting off, treat it like the other stitches, to make it your last cast-off stitch. Magic!