Binding Off Cables

I am still working on the Dickinson Pullover and I have a question about binding off for cables. I’m almost done with the back and I have a few more decreases for the armholes. Now I’ve done cables before but I’ve never had to bind off in a cable pattern. So I was wondering how I do this?

I’ve read that you should decrease stitches as you bind off so the cable doesn’t flare, but I already have decreased a lot of stitches for the armholes. Also, I think I’m still twisting the cables so they shouldn’t flare (maybe - I could be making this up :shifty: )

The pattern says “BO all sts in patt on next RS row, working any required cable crossings as you BO”

Thanks :slight_smile:

I always try to cross the cables shortly before binding off. I’ve never bound off and crossed cables at the same time. I’ll cross, work the back row, and then bind off. I think if you do this you don’t have to worry about any kind of flaring.

If you were working a scarf or something without an edge, then you might decrease in the middle of the cable, but for a sweater, I wouldn’t.

That definitely makes more sense to me (I have no idea why it says to cross them while binding off). But now I have one more question, usually (if I’m making a scarf or something) I just knit all the stitches when I bind off. How do I stay in the pattern when I bind off?

Like part of it is “k3, p8, k3…” So would I do something like K1, K1, pass knit 1 over, k1, pass knit 1 over, purl 1, pass purl over, purl 1…" Just switch like that? or is there some other way I should be doing it?

Just knit the knits and purl the purls as normal as you bind off.

The BO is actually only passing the stitch over the other; you make the stitches just the same as you would work that row.