Binding off at top of sweater back....?

I think I know this but I like to check to be sure.

I’m just about to bind off at the top of my sweater back.
When they say bo 6 sts at beginning of next 4 rows, &
5 sts beg of next 2 rows,

AND AT THE SAME TIME bind off center 22 stitches & working both sides at once, bind off 1 st from each neck edge once.

I think: I bind off the 22 stitches right away? On the first row I bind off the 6 stitches. Um, maybe not. I’m confused. Maybe yes.


You BO 6, work to where the 22 start, join a new skein and bind those off. Work to the end, where you’ll turn and BO 6 for that side (shoulder). Both shoulders will be on the ndl, but there’ll be the gap in between where you BO the back neck. Then work the appropriate BOs on each shoulder (each with diff skein), as stated. Whether armhole, or neck edge, make sure all BOs are made as you begin the row (or ind shoulder).


Hey Cam. Thanks. Join a new skein? Is that for certain? (I’m sure you know more than me) but how come they don’t tell you to start using another skein in the pattern? They just take it for granted you know that? I made a sweater once a while back and I’ve totally forgotten this step. (plus I’m taking some pain pills for my bad back so that may be confusing me) Excuses excuses! Probably if I started doing it I might have found that out the hard way…

working both sides at once,

This is what tells you that you need two strands of yarn to work the shoulders. Otherwise you’d have a long strand between the two. Some patterns have you work one side at a time, and you can do that, but this way ensures that both sides are the same.

Thanks Ingrid! You know, I’ve done this before but I just completely blanked on it. Makes you (me) feel so stupid sometimes.
tanks again!

Just thinking Ingrid… (or Cam)

I was just reading in my Knitter’s Bible, they have a section on completing the back. They just have you bind off 6 sts at beg of next 4 rows etc
then bind off remaining stitches. So sometimes a sweater has that lower curve in the upper neck and sometimes it’s just straight across huh?
A matter of the design… right. Do you find yourself doing one or the other more often? just wondering

I’ve always BO at the back neck. Helps fabric conform to the rounded surface. Otherwise it wouldn’t lie very well if square (unless pattern specifically called for sq neckline).


It depends on the cut of the sweater. The Fair Isles I’ve done have minimal back-neck shaping–only a row or two of tiny yarn. Other sweaters have had much more of a scoop at the back of the neck. It probably has a lot to do with the type of collar it has, too.

thanks ! :hug:

Yeah but one more thing! I went and looked at all the other patterns in this issue of Vogue… and other sweaters would say, “attach a second ball”.
This one did not. What’s up with that? Is it just Vogue being lazy and making a mistake… when you’re new at this you are really slavishly following patterns, not good. I got down EZ’s book just to reread things.

It may be just how that designer wrote the pattern. Don’t know if they’re proofread or not.


that’s sounds like the answer. they should proofread though!

I’ve read that a lot of Vogue patterns are vague. :teehee: