Binding off at the neck

I’m knitting a ribbed sweater and the directions say, “work across; with second yarn, bind off 3 three stitches at the neck edge”. How do I introduce that second yarn?

Tie a slip knot in a new ball of yarn and knit into the first stitch using the knot. Then work across the row, weaving in the short end.

Thanks for help on introducing new yarn. Next question. On the first side of the neck, when I have to bind off three stitches, I end up with the last stitch on the needle (last stitch before the stitches on the holder). What do I do with that last stitch?

Always bind off stitches at the beginning of the row, otherwise you do have that stitch in the wrong place. From what you put in the previous post, I understand that you need to work across. That would tell me to the stitch holder, probably. then connect the new yarn at the neck edge, bind off three
on that side of the neck.

Are you working two sides seperately? The fact that you had to connect a new yarn says, yes. Yes?

I hope this makes some sense. If not, maybe you can explain the pattern a little more from the ‘neck edge’ section. :smiley:

that really helps! Binding off at the beginning of the row answers the question, I think. If I understand, I am working out from the neck hole (next to the stitch holder) every time, right? Because when I came from the norman beginning of the row, I neded up with the extra stitch.

Yes, I should have said at the beginning of the neck edge.

Thank you so much for your help! I may make some progress on this today!