Binding off at shoulder

I’m finishing off the back and need to bind off shoulders on both sides. Should stitches on both sides run toward the neck? That would make one side longer, but I think it would make joining front and back easier.
Any thoughts?

Is there any neck shaping? But generally you BO at the beginning of the row and if there’s no neck shaping, just BO straight across on either the RS or WS. Why would one side be longer?

There is shaping for the neckline, working both sides at same time so there would be an extra row on one side if stitches run to the neck. Probably not important since the stitches won’t show once it is assembled.

There won’t really be an extra row, and it would only be about 1/6" anyway. That’s not noticeable at all.

Shoulders are often done with a 3 needle bind off for stability.