Binding off and using multi color threads

Hello everyone,

I am still a beginner. I started knitting a felted tote pattern. This is the first time I am working with 2 colors.

This is how I work: Start with color A and then when i need to start with color B i tie both the color threads together and then subsequently cut Color A. This is how I work with 2 colors.

This works for me right now but I was wondering it becomes extremely difficult if I have to interchange colors around 21 times.

Is there a easier way to continue using 2 colors without having to cut a thread?

Also after I bind off if there are still any loose ends I want to know the best way to complete my work so that it looks complete and neat.
right now i have some rough ends after I complete my project.

If you are only doing a few stitches in each color, you can carry the unused yarn across the back–stranded or Fair Isle knitting.

If you have larger blocks of each color, you can use a long strand for each section–intarsia knitting.

Amy has video on both in the Advanced section.