Binding off and then knitting

Hello everyone,

I am new to knitting. I just started last weekend and have been able to do a few of the stitches successfully, thanks to this website and the videos found here.

The bib that is listed on this website is the first thing i tried to tackle. I was doing fine until it was time to bind off and then start knitting the strap. When it came time to do the strap, it wasn’t a smooth transition for me. I finally got something to work and started on the strap. As I looked down, there is a little hole where my binding off ended and my knitting began. When I hold it up it actually looks like it could be the beginning of a set of diamond earmuffs. Can somebody tell me where I went wrong and why the bib is at an angle?

Also, I have watched the “binding off” video and am trying to figure how to finish the end of binding off. It seems that I have too many loops at the end and no clear way to finish it off.

Thanks for your help!

Your bib probably isn’t perfect because you just learned to knit. Give yourself time. Everyone’s first projects look funky. Can’t play Mozart after 5 piano lessons, either, right?

As for binding off, you knit two, put the first one over the second one and off the needle. Knit one more, do the same. You’ll get to the point when there are only two stitches left. Put the one st over the other as before, cut you yarn and pull it through the loop and tighten. Done!

Welcome to the forum, by the way. It is a lot of fun here, and you’ll learn a lot. Just give yourself time to learn–you’ll be amazed at what you can do in a very short time.

Thanks Ingrid. That’s what I did when I binded off but I didn’t know if that was right or not.

Your signature hits the nail on the head!!