Binding off and then going back to the other side

Sorry, I didn’t know quite how to word my question.

I have done a baby bib pattern, and now am working on the kimono in Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Both patterns have you knit to a certain row, then knit a certain number of stitches, bind off some stitches, and then continue knitting to the end of one side of the project.

Then you go back to finish the other side which has been hanging on your needles all the while.

My question is…when I go back to the stitches on the other side,what is the proper way to begin. I have stitches on the needle, and a ball of yarn that isn’t attached to anything. Do I just weave the yarn in for a few stitches and then start, or is there a specific way to do it?

What the pattern says is:
“Rejoin yarn to the sts of the right sleeve at thet neck edge (WS). Work to the end of the row…”

The other patter says, "“Return to the 10 sts being held on the needle and make the second strap.”

There’s no specific way given on how to “return to” or “rejoin” these stitches and begin knitting.

Just start knitting, leaving about a 3-4" tail. The first stitch may be a little loose for a couple of rows, but won’t come out and you can pull on it a bit to tighten up. Then weave it in after you’re done.

Couldn’t have put that better myself x