Binding off and maintaining cable pattern

I am knitting a sweater & now have to bind off for sleeves, which interferes with the 6-stitch cable pattern C6F (every ten rows). I K1, sl1K, K1 & psso. The first stitch of the cable is now under the psso.
This leaves me with only 5 stitches for cable.
(On the following knit rows I will continue to have less stitches for cable.)

What pattern are you working on? Is there an internet link to it? Seeing the pattern might help us to answer your question better. Without seeing the pattern it is hard to tell if the cables end or not.

When I decrease at the edges and it cuts into a cable, I just continue those stitches in stockinette.

You can keep the stitches from that cable in stockinette, or maybe rib, but if there are other cables in the middle, keep going with those.

Thanx to Ingrid & Suzeeq for your help & to The.Knitter (I only have a sketch of the sweater with a xerox copy of the instruc-
tions.) I appreciate your advice.