Bindinf Off Question for neck

Hi everyone,

I am doing a baby vest from this link:

I have reached shaping the neck and shoulders. This part:

Work across 12 (12, 14, 14) sts for right shoulder, BO 16 (18, 18, 20) sts for neck, work across rem sts for left shoulder. BO 2 sts at each neck edge 1 time.

Where it says BO 2 sts at each neck edge 1 time, I was wondering how I get this to be even…or does it matter that one will be a row higher? Like if I bind off 2 on one row and then the next bind off two for the other side of the neck (so i dont have to cut the thread).

Thanks for the help.

does it matter that one will be a row higher

No. That’s pretty standard being the shaping on garments is worked on both RS and WS. It’s not noticeable. You’ll work each shoulder separately (diff skeins or one at a time).

Work shoulder, BO neck, work to end.

First shoulder. Work across (WS), turn, BO (at neck on RS), work to end.
Second shoulder. Join yarn. If joining at neck, BO (WS), work to end. If joining at arm, work across, turn, BO (at neck) and work to end. Joining at arm should give you fairly balanced shoulders.

Ahh thank you…I think I understand now :slight_smile:

Ooo one last question…how would I join the yarn again to the next shoulder? The only joining information I can find is when you are adding a new colour.

Many thanks again.

how would I join the yarn again to the next shoulder

Just start knitting with it. Leave enough tail to weave in after you’re finished.

ETA: your finished piece should look something like this:


ok thats simple enough.

Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated :smiley: