Bind off

When a pattern says K2 BO 2,Do you use the last st in the K2 as the st you slip over for the BO or do you K1 ,k1 then slip the last st you just knit over for bind off?

Do wait until someone else replies as I’m not always accurate on these but I would have knit 2 then knit another two and passed one over and knit another two and passed one over. Now I read this it doesn’t seem quite right so…let’s see what others suggest :slight_smile:

No, you’re almost right Susan. Knit 2, then k 2 more, pass the stitch over, k 1, pass the stitch over. That’s 2 stitches bound off.

Sings… This is the way we learn together…learn together…learn together…this is the way we learn together on a knitty global morning… :slight_smile:


Just wondering if I was doing it right after all this time.Sometimes I over think the wording

Yeah, I’ve done that.