Bind off when the pattern is k2,p2

Hi, I am still trying to use this site and not sure what I am doing.
Question: I am finishing a head band that has a k2,p2 pattern. Can I just bind off with a knit bind off or should I bind off with the pattern and the best way to do it.

I would bind off in the pattern of K2, P2. Each bind off will give a different look to the finished edge. One way to check is to do a small sample of your pattern and try it with the knit bind off and then try another one with the k2, p2 bind off and see which one you like better.

I usually just do a basic bind off, but occasionally a bind off in pattern looks nicer. There are several bind offs. Here’s a link to the video page with info including binding off in pattern.

It will look better if you do the BO in 2x2 rib. The only difference in a bind off from a regular row is that you’re passing the sts over instead of leaving them on the needle. So binding off in the stitch pattern leaves the last row in the pattern instead of being `off’ which it would if you do a knit BO,

I normally use a sewn bind off for ribbing as it’s nice and stretchy.